10 Sorts of Happy


I’m yours and that’s it, forever.

  1. I said yes to marrying you, therefore we are stuck together forever.
  2. I am yours forever, that’s it.
  3. I have decided to spend not a short amount of time with you, but all the time in the world.
  4. You’re mine, no matter what, always.
  5. All that matters is that I have you and you have me, for the rest of our lives.
  6. We have chosen to spend our entire lives together.
  7. No matter what, we will be together forever, because I am yours.
  8. There is no one else for you and we are sticking this out, period.
  9. “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I lo- lo- love you. And wish from this day to never be parted from you.”
  10. Hey y’all! We’re engaged!



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